Things To Consider When Buying An Intercom

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Can be surface or recess mounted in most plastic single gang electrical boxes- Optional decorative metal face plates can be installed- Includes door phone and power adapter assembly- Offers twice the wiring distance of the standard door phone – Illuminated button with Blue LED – Standard doorbell control

Why you need to buy

With the emergence of the internet and smartphones, one would think that traditional communication systems are dead. Nowadays, homes with landlines are a rarity. Many prefer video calls or texting or direct messaging in social media.

Technology has drastically changed the way we communicate. But even with the ubiquity of these gadgets, old communication systems are still highly reliable.

Why invest in home intercom?

Despite the major changes in house intercom technology, it still serves its very purpose, that is, to facilitate communication within your home. With intercom, you don’t have to pick up the telephone or smart phone. You simply press a button to talk to a family member in another part of the house. You can inform them if a guest is around, the table is ready, or an errand needs to be done.

But more than its basic purpose of communication, investing in a personal intercom system can have other benefits.

Provide medical alert system

Intercoms could also spell difference between life and death as this can be used as medical alerts systems. This is particularly useful if your household includes children, elderly or sick family members. You can easily and regularly check on them using the intercom system.

Allow private calls among household members

Modern wireless intercom systems offer private call feature. You can call the specific rooms you want to call without leaving a trace. So, if you want to talk about some confidential things but don’t want other household members to see you actually talking or hear your conversation, then you can use intercoms. Digital intercom systems use codes and security features that are impossible to breach.

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